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Have  30 Minute Express Workouts Delivered to your home each week. 

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It is my pleasure to be sending you these express workout sessions. This series was created with the knowledge and expertise I have l developed while completing my certified fitness nurse courses. I then expanded on my nursing and fitness knowledge and concentrated on the concerns of women experiencing hormonal changes . As women we already know , we have different challenges. As we age, coupled with hormonal changes, it makes it more difficult to maintain and lose weight . This can effect our health , confidence and well-being.
So these sessions were designed with you in mind , to provide you with the benefits of weight training , cardio, pilates and yoga. This ensures, long lean muscles, heart health, abdominal toning, flexibility, strength, and stress reduction. It can also enhance your mood , and help reduce the risk factors for chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure , depression, anxiety and insomnia. So lets be the women who

  • Maintain, prevent or lose weight
  • Exerience imprved self confidence
  • Look healthier and younger
  • Improve body image and look better in our clothes

These sessions are meant to be completed in the order that you receive them weekly. They can be done on 3 non consecutive days. The following week you will receive your next session which will target different muscle groups so that you don't plateau.
 Use 2 3-5 lb weights or lighter if you need to.  Each weight exercise should be done for 30 reps. The reps are done in a gentle swinging motion, like kettle weights. This maximizes your metabolism and ensures long lean muscles.
Do as many reps as you can for each exercise, then take a breathe before you continue. Work at your own body's pace until you can accomplish the 30 rep goal. Everyone is different. 
When you get to the jump rope rotations, simulate jumping rope without an actual rope. The goal is to complete 100 jump rope rotations at a time, again going at your own pace. Complete 10 or so , then take a breath to continue until you reach the goal.
Try to complete this session 2 more times during the week if you can ,and I will send you next weeks session on Wednesdays. Your goals should also be to interval walk ( walk at a steady pace with short bursts of speed ) for 30 minutes 3 times a week for weight maintaince or 40 minutes for weight loss. The walking does not have to be done all at once. Feel free to breakdown your walking into segments that fit into your  schedule.

Also ask me about my in home individual or group training classes. I may have one already in your area. You may also be eligible to receive your individual classes free for starting your own group. 
And contact me if you would like the dietary portion of this program for even better results. 


Home Workout Sessions
1 Home Workout Session
Price: $10.00
1 work Session per week= $10.00:
4 Workout Sessions per Month= $ 40.00:

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