MCMC Fitness 12 week weight loss program

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MCMC Fitness 12 week weight loss program


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You can have it all, just not all at once.
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MCMC Fitness 12 week weight loss program

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                                from my heart to your home

Hello and Welcome to MCMC Fitness. A 12 week online plan for weight reduction, increased physical health and emotional well-being . It is ideal for busy women who are caregivers to their families , and want to reduce their weight with minimal time for maximal results.

My desire as a fitness nurse coach is to empower busy women with the tools they need to achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being.

What is a fitness nurse coach:

---There can be several type of fitness nurse coaches. We are a new field of nursing and I practice my nursing assessment skills and utilize my fitness training and specialty to provide individual and group coaching . I teach weight reduction techniques to busy care giver women easily over the computer , email or phone. This can be very convenient to  people who may have active disease , and want to exercise to improve their health and appearance. This impresses their doctors and helps to reduce their medications. 

This plan includes:

--- a 12 week plan designed to reduce your waist and increase your health
.---Weekly diet instruction and support
---Minimal exercise techniques for maximal results
---Healthy food instruction and trouble shooting for weight loss
---Permanent weight loss solutions
---Supplement suggestions for cravings
---Stress reducing tricks for optimal well-being---weekly online coaching
---unlimited email access for maximum support
---and more...

I help my clients get healthier and the results they want without shame , judgment, fear and embarrassment.

Call today for a free consultation. 

Be well,

MCMC Fitness
973 980-7137

From my heart to your home                                                                                                     located in Madison NJ
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